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Here we will look at fun things that we enjoy such as LEGO I'm a big lego nut mostly I think because it uses your mind and lets you flex your imagination. I have all the pirates of the Caribbean ships that I will only get out when my son is old enough to build them with him. At the moment I am making a few ships to wean him into it we are going to make our own fleet here are some photos of our current project :-) lego helps me to relax and unwind from the stress of work. As I'm doing three jobs that's a lot of stress believe me :P

This are the base sections I started with the other photos show the ship as it is in it's current state

I have made my own front and back sections and have fixed the masts and rigging I have also made up a crew for us to have adventures with

The guy stood on the front of the boat is the first officer and the first crew member I created he started off as the captain but then I thought he could be the main driving force of the crew acting behind a cowardly but politically savey captain.

I've brought cloth to make my own sales which I may print with my own emblem or pirate crest

I've tried to capture the size of the ship and hopefully the photos are showing you enough detail.

The three ladies of the crew I've made all the characters by frankinsteining mini figure characters together :)

Here is the Captain stood at the back watching as the first officer leads the way I am going to write a short biography for each character and add it to my blog entry at a later date just to give you an idea of how I will bring them to life when I am playing with my son once we finish the ship.

The guy on the rigging is one of two brothers 

As you can see this ship as several points for cannons but as of yet no cannons but I will add them as soon as funds allow.This is the other brother.Both Indian guys were separated at birth and brought up by different tribes then reunited in adulthood when each on a separate scouting mission. They met while trying to kill each other and it was only chance that before the wort was to happen they recognized the family bond that they shared.

This guy is the ships doctor he claims that he is from the future but this is met with skepticism and friendly disbelieving banter from the rest of the crew.

I have more work to do on the stern of the ship and I intend to make a proper poop deck and captains cabin. At the moment I have made space for an aft firing cannon.

I put owl figurines on the side to add some character to the ship to try to make it look decorative.
 The prow of the ship I think has turned out really well and I like the hula girl figurehead which has led to me naming the ship Damsels Flight

Finally please see the video below for a new lego film coming out that I know that I am definitely going to go and see.

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