Fitness Corner

This page will follow my families efforts to keep fit and healthy. At the moment I would class myself as semi fit I can still do things without getting tired but I'm not fit, my muscles lack definition and my biggest problem area is my stomach. On this page I will use the suggested techniques from Mens Health Magazine and I will try to implement them into my daily routine. This page will be maintained with dairy entries showing what progress has been made.

 It's November 2013 and I'm pretty unfit. I hate being overweight and I'm starting to get on the large side. I need to update this section of the blog and work to get my weight down while I'm doing it. I will start an exercise regime as soon as I have shaken this head cold thats the only reason I'm still sat up working on my blog. I can't sleep because I'm bunged up and my head feels like there is a rope going through it and as soon as I try to move someone takes up the slack and puts additional strain on my neck. One thing I need to have better control of is my diet. I need to completely cut out sugary food. I also need to start jogging again even if it's only twice a week. I have Nike trainers with a sensor that records how many calories you have burnt off dependant on your weight sex and age. I will try to incorporate using that into my exercise routine. As I don't want to infringe on my family time I will probably do these jogs really early in the morning or late at night. I know that there are healthier ways to get fit without the impact strain that jogging puts on your legs but they involve spending money which at the moment we can't realty afford to do so jogging is the way to go for now. I will add an update at the weekend until then I will try to get some sleep x

Update entry 16 June 2015 three days before my sons birthday.

In our family's efforts to all keep fit and active we have all invested in fitbits which are trackers that work along side an app to tell you how many steps you have taken and how much you have offset your logged food intake. It's a nifty device and it does motivate you to exercise every day. It has a minimum of ten thousand steps to achieve a day which when you have a busy schedule can sometimes be hard to reach. I have noticed an increase in my fitness through using it and it has made me more active in the evenings after work. I will keep you posted on our fitbit journey as it progresses along. My wife is normally way ahead in her steps as she keeps up her steps all through the day.

Our son has now learnt to bike so we will hopefully in the near future be able to go on family bike rides. My wife isn't a strong biker as she hasn't biked for years but I'm sure we can all get to a stage when we will all be able to bike. Our sons success has motivated Merlinda into considering tackling biking so that she can bike along side him.